Bring Systems and Automations To Manage + Grow Your Home Repair Businesswith our All In One Marketing Solution

Take back control of your leads, your communication and your life.

Does your business feel like it's duct taped together behind the scenes?

If you're like most home repair small businesses, you lack the systems to keep track of your leads, jobs and cash flow. And it ends up burning you out, and causing customer service issues that hurt your reputation.

You know you want a system, but don't know or don't have time to create one that will allow you to scale.

  • Leads get lost because they come in from all different directions

It's hard to keep track of who you've talked to, what you've promised and who is still waiting for an answer

  • You can't grow because how you deal with leads and clients changes in every interaction

You are trying to keep your head above water, so you just add some more duct tape, with the intention to build the system "later".... but later never seems to arrive.


Imagine a Done For You System With Support That's Built For Your Exact Business

  • Easily Manage All Your Leads in One Place

Gone are the days where you're checking your DMs, email , voicemails, text messages and post it notes, trying to figure out where your different leads just to respond.

  • Use Automation to Do the Follow Up and Marketing Tasks That you Never Get To

Make it look like you are on top of it with communication by automating what you can and templating what is less. Many of your client communication can be the same with every client, so say goodbye to recreating the wheel at every turn

  • Seamlessly Integrate with your Field Service Software

If you're already using a Field Service Software like Field Pulse or Jobber, we can integrate the systems to talk to each other. Removing the bulk of your data inputing that we know you all hate.


All In One Marketing Platform

We know you don't love the tech. It's not your favorite part of business... but in 2024, it's time to get comfortable with it. It's not going anywhere. But you don't have to learn 34 different programs to patch them all together

  • Learn Just One Platform

Service Biz Builder is a robust marketing and lead management software that let's you take on most aspects of marketing and managing your business - without constantly having to add another software to the mix

  • Avoid Death By 1000% Subscriptions

You pay one price and you get your website, CRM, messaging, phone and text, email marketing, automations, social media planning and review management in one spot.


Don't Learn It Alone

The biggest lift when adopting systems is learning curve to figure it all out. Especially when tech is just not your thing.

But with Service Biz Builder, you are not alone in your tech implementation, we guide you on how to use it so you can take it all in in bite sized pieces.

  • Support From Who Knows Your Business

We are not a huge software company who is looking to have thousands of subscribers. We are here to help you adopt tech that will make your life easier - as soon as you've gotten used to the tech

  • 1:1 Training and Support

You don't have to learn a platform and bumble around not sure what you're looking at or deal with vague notions of the possibilities of how to use it. Learn exactly how to use the system for YOUR home repair business, and have support from people who know your business inside and out.


Ready to See It In Action?

Build a System That Takes Tasks off Your Plate

Feel Confident There is Room to Grow As Your Business Does

Systems In Place

Take full control and utilize automations and marketing avenues that keep you booked solidly



  • All lead management and communication in one program

  • Metrics Dashboard to Know How Your Marketing Is Working

  • Nurture & Close Leads Into Customers

  • Build Your Reputation Automatically

  • Two way texting and business line*

  • Simple Invoicing, Estimating + Automated Follow ups

  • Send Contracts

  • Calendar, Scheduling and Automated Job Reminders

  • Social Planner to keep up with social and Google My Business in One Place

  • Metrics Dashboard to Know How Your Marketing Is Working

  • Automated Review Requests

  • Fully Customized Automated System to Manage and Run your Business

  • Streamlined Inquiry System and Lead Tracking

  • Instant Booking System to bypass estimates for simple jobs.

  • Email Marketing, Social posting templates and guides to make marketing a breeze

  • Connect with your Field Service Software of choice

  • Onboarding and training support

  • Ongoing Text Support Access with Becca and her team for questions and tweaks to the system, then ongoing live chat support available via the chat box.

One Time Setup Fee $600

*usage fees apply

Need to See It In Action?

Find the Perfect Plan for Your Business

Explore transparent pricing options, feature breakdowns, and select the best option for your situation

All Systems In Place

  • Know Your Numbers Dashboard

  • Client Manager Database

  • Streamlined Online Inquiry System

  • Business Phone and 2 Way Texting

  • Automatic Missed Call Text Back

  • Review Request Automations + Follow Ups

  • Integration with Field Service Softwares Like Field Pulse

  • Lead Tracking Pipeline

  • Social Planner (GMB/FB/TT/IG)

  • Send Contracts

  • Invoicing

  • Calendar + Scheduling

  • Automatic Job Reminder Texts

  • Custom Sales Funnel + Automations

  • Reactivate Stale Leads Automation

  • Autobooking Calendar

  • Past Client Automated Follow Up

  • SMS + Email Templates

  • Built Out Automations + Follow Ups

  • Email Marketing

Need to See It In Action?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Service Biz Builder?

Service Biz Builder is a comprehensive software platform designed to help home repair businesses, such as handyman and remodel contractors, manage and grow their businesses. It offers tools for marketing automation, lead management, CRM, reputation management, and more.

Is Service Biz Builder difficult to set up?

With all tech there is a learning curve, and we do our best to guide your through setup and implementation so that you become familiar with the tech and how to use it. We provide support and training to help you get started and make Service Biz Builder an integral part of your business.

Can I customize Service Biz Builder to fit my business needs?

Yes, Service Biz Builder is highly customizable. You can tailor the platform to match your specific business processes and branding. We prime it with what you'll need as a home repair business, and you can customize it from there, or leave it be and run it with our system as is.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer customer support, comprehensive onboarding, and a library of resources, including tutorials and guides, to help you make the most of Service Biz Builder.

What is the cost of Service Biz Builder?

Our pricing varies based on the plan you choose. Please visit our pricing page for detailed information or contact our sales team for a custom quote.

Do I need a Field Service Software if I use Service Biz Builder?

Depending on the size of your team, we recommend pairing Service Biz Builder with your Field Service Software, like Field Pulse due to the more advanced job tracking, dispatch services and robust invoicing software that is available in a Field Service software.

For smaller, one man teams, often Service Biz Builder is sufficient until you grow your team.

How can Service Biz Builder help my handyman business?

Service Biz Builder can streamline your marketing efforts, manage client relationships, automate follow-ups, and improve your online reputation, helping you attract more clients and efficiently manage your projects.

How does Service Biz Builder improve lead generation?

Service Biz Builder includes tools for capturing leads from various sources, nurturing them through automated workflows, and converting them into paying clients with targeted marketing campaigns.

Can Service Biz Builder integrate with other tools I already use?

Yes, Service Biz Builder supports integrations with many popular tools and platforms, allowing you to streamline your operations and keep all your business data in one place.

How can Service Biz Builder help with online reputation management?

Service Biz Builder helps you manage and improve your online reviews, respond to customer feedback, and monitor your online presence, ensuring you build and maintain a positive reputation.

How do I get started with Service Biz Builder?

Getting started is easy. Request a demo on our website, and our team will guide you through the onboarding process to help you set up and customize the platform to suit your business needs.

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